Hi there!

Welcome to being happy, healthy and feeling well with  Msnikkidee. I have found that over the years, my love of cooking and good food has increased, indeed improved with age. In fact I can go as far to say that sometimes I feel as if  I exist just to eat! I like good food, & I am talking about food I have cooked in my own home. Don’t misunderstand me, I am not averse to a bit of Michelin star rated food, I am just one of those who is more  partial to home cooked food not particularly set in a fancy patten on my plate. ( For this reason, most of my postings will be direct from the pot!)

I love the diversity of living in Britain, in some parts you can move from one culture to another on the same street! My roots are set in Nigerian culture. I love the simple stuff too, the jollof rice, fried stew, beans and yam porridge! I love other more intricacies, but as I said the real love is embedded in the everyday stuff!

Clearly this love of food took it’s toll  on my hips and affected lots of things like my dexterity, my fitness and most of all my size. After several semi effective bouts of losing wieight, in 2010 I took a serious decision to lose weight by making a big lifestyle change! This inspired by my love of Tae Kwan Do, and having struggled immensely at my 1st Kup grading. I was so shattered at the end of it that I realised that  I had to take action or be forever mediocre!  I am pleased to report that the change has paid off.

Therefore I had to share my experience with you .On this blog, I will sharing my recipes, ideas, hints and tips.  I would love for you to join me and let me know about your health and happiness journey.



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