5 ways to get more Energy

Our lives these days are rather fast and it’s as if we are under pressure to  always be busy and  are often if not always maxed out on our time. This often leads to late nights, skipped meals and all sorts of habits that sap our energy. There are lots of things we do that unwittingly ensure we have less energy.

Here are 5 quick things that you can do to improve your energy levels.

  1. Start getting more sleep! Get a good pattern going, we need sleep for our bodies to rejuvenate and this is true not just of our physical body but all of our mind too! Work on getting a rhythm, cut out the late nights, and wake up earlier!!  There’s a whole lot of truth in the early to bed early to rise ethic!!
  2. Exercise! Yes I’ve said it:- the side effects of the lack of exercise are well documented. On the plus side exercising is invigorating, releases your happy hormones- endorphins
  3. Eat less carbs – note I said eat less not cut out, I know that’s all the rage these days, but quite frankly I do not advocate cutting out a whole food group!!
  4. Don’t skip meals- your body is like a furnace and food is the fuel ⛽️ it needs to be kept fuelled up regularly, keeping your sugar spikes to a minimum
  5. Eliminate stress!  This is quite important.. this could be job related stress, family life related stress, financial stress. There will be a job to do here, as we know one is not likely to wake up one morning and say ” Stress be gone”.It is however a big factor in tiredness and lack of energy. Poor family relationships and toxic friends.  Check how you feel around people when they come around,

What now?

Lets face it, there are loads more things I could have added to this list, but these are my top tips.  Did you find this useful? If so please do share it with your friends?

I would love to have feed back on what you think. What are your top energy busters?

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Whatever you do, do be kind to yourself and remember that your health is more than your weight.

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