6 Degrees of Separation!

So, this is the thing, can you remember when you were growing up and you mum would say ‘ behave yourself’ especially when you go out. All the time, my mum always said this, sometimes I’d tell her I’d been somewhere and she would say I hoped you behaved yourself  lol.  Well that was just what your mum said right.   Well who saw the film six degrees of separation with Will Smith?  In this film the lead character played by Will, managed to ingratiate  himself into high society Manhattan  by insinuating that he was friends with their children courtesy of attending the same ivy league university as the said children.  In actuality it was all suggestion, because of knowing someone who knew someone.  This six degrees of separation theory has been bandied around for a while now, and I am not sure if it has been proven or not, although I did hear something on Radio 4 proving it is likely to be true, let me say this, if you are Nigerian ( and I speak as someone with Nigerian heritage) its more than likely to be 2 degrees of separation!!  I have had this proven time and time again. For example there was the time I took my mum to a friend’s,  50th Birthday party. I knew this friend through  my Old girl’s association ( alumni) of which we were both active members.  We got to the party, and  it turns out that my mum knew more people at the party than I did, including the celebrants mother. It was as if I had accompanied her to the party.  If that was a one off I would say it was a coincidence, but it was not.  I have countless stories to tell including the one the friend of my best friends sister turned up at my office as a new member of my team ( don’t panic I am not going to tell them all) about such coincidences,  however I will restrict it to the one that was prominent today.

Today I attended a memorial service for a lady, in my capacity as president of my old girls association .  I had learnt of this lady’s demise,  through an email from an association member who was the lady’s aunt.   I  sent my condolences and said I would attend the service, especially as it was being held in my neck of the woods and as the lady also went to the same school .  Now the lady in the picture with me is my sister friend, of many many years.  Prior to receiving this email she had mentioned to me that her cousin had died she had found it a bit shocking as she was young in our age bracket I remember talking to her, and consoling her as much as you could and that was it right?  Well actually no, because it turned out that the person who died is one and the same person whose memorial I was attending.   Her Aunt is also my friend’s Aunt.  It does not stop there, either, because I also met a lady that I used to see on the train, in my days of commuting,  and it turns out that she is also the niece of the lady from my old girls association.   The lady who died was one of 5 sisters and  it turns out that one of them was in the same class at school with my older sister.

So my mum knew, like mums do, your behaviour can come  back to haunt you. Imagine how embarrassing it would have been if I had been misbehaving around any of these people. So folks, I hope we all listen to our mothers.

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