A5 Starting in Canterbury and other tales from this morning.

This is the thing, anyone who knows me will surely know that I can be quite inquisitive.  Today I started an 8 week long Mindfulness course.  Now I have to be honest as much as I can see that Mindfulness is all the rage and trendy now, I did not have a clue as to what I was going to learn.  The course itself was amazing.  I did not know what to expect, but I was open and  it was really enlightening, and I had an awesome time and can’t wait until next week.

Now some of the things I learnt today, actually have nothing to do with Mindfulness and everything to do with the fact that I like to talk and like I said I’m inquisitive.

So here is a question, do you know where the A5 starts?  Well for as long as I have know of the road the A5 I thought it started at Marble Arch in London.  Today I learnt that actually it starts in Canterbury! Imagine that, and that its a road that was built by the Romans and goes all the way to Holyhead.   Having checked on Google, it has is starting in London,  but a little digging , I understand that the modernisation of the road has meant that some of the A5 has moved or removed. And that’s another thing, I would have sworn it went up north!!! And before you all have a go, I am not confusing it with the A1!

I am certain that I do not have to tell you that we spend a lot of our time on Autopilot though, after all our lives are so fast and so busy right?  However did you know that even when you are doing things that you are aware of that your mind is working on full steam  in the background.  We did this exercise with raisins, which highlighted this,  because we were really made to think about the raisin, it was quite amazing the level of thought and conversation that came out of it.

Now, don’t laugh but not knowing what to expect at the mindfulness course  meant that I did not know we would have a meditation session.  Then that brought out a surprise feeling for me.  I missed going to the hairdressers. Random? Not as random as you would think. In this meditation we had to clear our mind, we were guided by our leader, and in the end, I had no thoughts going into my head, and I was nearly falling asleep. This is what used to happen at the hair dressers it was my time, time for me to think or not think, and I am now seriously considering growing my hair back.

Purpose is the seasoning of life. I knew this, but it was reiterated on my way there, and  I thought it was worth sharing.

If you are interested in learning about mindfulness, I would definitely recommend Mindfulnessnow, the teacher is really interesting, open and really welcoming.  Check out details here  

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