My Ah-ha moment!

To know me is to  know that I am a great  believer in what we learn in taekwondo is also applicable in life! At our club  match the other day I had a moment, an  a-ha moment of significant proportion!  I realised that I’ve been playing small! This is what happened

This is Karen- she is new to taekwondo- a white belt- (White signifies innocence, as that of a beginning student, who has no previous knowledge of Tae Kwon-Do)

  • she was the inspiration behind my a-ha moment!
  • As we were being confirmed into our categories she was saying oh
    Karen hugging her instructor

    I don’t want to fight with this person ohh  I don’t want to fight that person etc now to be honest I had a moment where I thought it was gamesmanship but you know after winning gold in her category I was standing there watching her  hug her instructor and she was almost in tears!  I just had the thought that oh my God she showed indomitable spirit, she just went for it!

  • And this is the moment that made me think about my attitude especially towards my business I have been playing small – this is what I mean. Think of  staying in the shallow end of the swimming Pool and wondering why other people are passing me by and I’m not seeing any improvement in my abilities! The thing with this playing small is that it can be surreptitious.


This is how I played small

  1.  I waited for people to ask for my product for example blanket dropping my catalogues as opposed to  presenting them! I’m not shy to talk to people but I took the path of least resistance mainly because it was quicker.
  2.  I had not gone public with all my opportunities in equal amounts so not not enough people know what I am offering
  3.  I had not taken a positive posture in my ability to share things I’ve learnt not publicly anyhow, I have published but not publicised my blogs enough!

Playing small does not tap into your real potential and does not produce any real results!

This is how I will overcome it.

A) I won’t wait to be asked about my opportunities,

B) I will go public with all my opportunities

C)I will change my posture, and actively share what I have learnt, and be open to learning more in return.

Other indications of playing small

  1. Fear- Do it anyway.
  2. Letting lots of insignificant things make you appear busy! Prioritise and let go of the insignificant stuff.
  3. You haven’t learnt to discipline your disappointments- understand where your influence lies, accept those things you can’t change and take action on those things that you can.
  4. You do not value your individuality – you are your best asset, you need to be heard above the din.

Does any of this resonate with your? If you have found it useful, I would love to hear from you. You can email me 

Please share this with your fiends if you think they may find it useful.

Whatever you, do have a fun day and be kind to yourself.

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