Do you do these 2 things?

1. Label foods as bad or evil:

I guess  this is something we all do and I am as guilty as the next person.  My phrase of choice is ‘its the devil’s own food’.  It seems harmless enough,  but what it does is that it glamorises the food and makes it somehow more coveted, more tempting  and more likely to become the go to food when other stresses come along and disguise themselves as  hunger, you know the ones  ice-cream, cake, wine etc.

Really all foods should be looked at for what they are, after all lets be honest, when the creators of the food  make it they do not suggest that you eat a whole cake or a whole packet of biscuits by yourself right?   Truly we should be looking towards ourselves and our own habits, and the consequences of over indulgence.   There are always consequences, and they may not be immediately obvious, after all, you don’t eat a pint of ice cream and then boom you have put on 1 stone right?  Its the other wear and tear things that happen to our bodies that I am talking about, and the more importantly the emotional impact after we have succumbed  and binged on this so called devil’s food.  We beat ourselves up, we go for that second strike and before you know we are in a cycle of misery, over eating and all that. Good habits are not made in a day, they are made daily, therefore little steps, maybe one change at a time.


One thing I have learnt of recent is habit releasing where you change your habits, slowly and intentionally by doing something new or different. For example not sitting in the same chair each time you go in  a particular room, deliberately trying a new food etc.  There are lots of things we do automatically, almost like a reflex action.   A good example of this, is someone comes to you and says they have had an awful day, this happened that went down, and what happens before the first sentence has even been completely stated, we are like ..wait i’ll put the kettle on, and for some that will come with cake or it might even not be cake it could be wine but my point is we are probably not even hungry but we are gibing our bodies extra fuel with which it is only going to do 1 thing right?


2. Weigh yourself everyday

This is a big one, a definite no- no yes we like to have guidelines but the obsession with numbers detracts from the real issue of what is happening with our bodies.

Our bodies, especially females are constantly changing, the biological action of our bodies means that our weight can change from one hour to the next and to be quite frank with you those numbers do not paint the whole picture.   To have the true picture  once a week at roughly the same time is a better option if you really feel the need to weigh, but I would advise you to use other measurements instead. You can measure you waist, hips, bust etc. and feel the reduction over a period of time in your clothes and agility.

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