Happy Pill

Nike Akiti at zumba
So this is the thing, I love wearing this top to my Zumba class, because it makes me feel it’s a fusion of my two favourite worlds, a collision of taekwondo and Zumba! Especially when El- pum comes on. We kick and punch in this particular choreography a mainstay of taekwondo. ❤️❤️❤️????!! 
So here is another  thing: it’s not just the cardio exercise that makes Zumba with Jose sooooooo good, it’s that giddy feeling of happiness and stress relief that comes as a side helping! No matter the day I’ve had, no matter my condition during Zumba and after I feel absolutely amazing, like I can take on the world, I’ve been filled with happiness!!! So all you entrepreneurs out there -working night and day- stop -take a happy pill!! You’ll be surprised at the difference it’ll make! As I say a healthy entrepreneur is a happy entrepreneur!!! ❤️❤️????
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