March into Wellness: Day 2- Intentionally just be for 10 minutes a day.

So this is a biggie for me. I think it should be written into law that everyone is entitle to 10 minutes me time end of. Ha ha but you may know what I mean.

I think its a fundamental thing that we need to do for ourselves and it needs to be intentional. As in put it in your diary. Yes I’ll say it again, put it in your diary on your to do  list.  It gives you time to think and recoup or regroup if need be. It does wonders for your mental well being in my humble opinion. I started doing this on my way home from places. And I would just take that 10 mins before i rushed out of the car.

I understand that everyone is different when it comes time in their house, kids, work, family and caring pressures all play a part.

My top 3 benefits are

  1. It gives you a breather in your own personal space
  2. Its refreshing and therefore strengthens you.
  3. you can be your best to face your busy ness.

My top 3 tips are

  1. Find your own quiet space – even if it means Locking yourself in the loo.
  2. Choose what you do and stick with it..its 10 mins only remember don’t waste time changing your mind. If you choose to nothing thats good if its your intentional choice.
  3. Dont compromise on it.


I hope that you found this article useful.

Whatever you are doing do do it with a smile and as always be good to yourself.

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Much love

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