Saturday’s Child Works Hard for a Living

Learning: Some say the more you learn the more you earn!
However ha ha I’m fair of face having been born on a Sunday! Still the point remains that one needs to work hard ?
I am glad that I want to my company workshop as It is my strong belief that victory favours the prepared, so no matter where you are in life or business prepare, act and achieve! 
It’s ok when stuff goes awry- but that does not mean that you have to down all tools – 
So for example if you work a business that’s sell show and promote, but you find maybe something happens that means you may not physically be able to sell, that  should not stop you  from  from doing other bits of your business, in particular your personal development! You will be amazed that you will develop a mindset and skills that may have been been blocking you in the first instance! 

Furthermore, when the time is right and you pick up again, you would not have lost all ground and your mindset would have grown.  We all enter into business, entrepreneurship, marathons really for a reason, if that reason is linked to your purpose and a good reason why, you will always find a way round the pesky things that try to derail us.  A coach friend said to me once -‘ follow your dreams they know the way’!
One of my favourite leadership growth gurus is John Maxwell. I am currently reading the 15 invaluable laws of growth? I would love to hear about your yours do feel free to let me know in the comments or email me here. 
Whatever you are doing, be nice to yourself and have a fab day. 
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