So You Have Entered the Realm of Network Marketing

When I entered the world of Network Marketing,  I did not know much and I am still learning. However here are somethings I have learnt so far,

Listen to your sponsor/ Up-line

The person who sponsored you into the company by default will know more than you , at least  in normal circumstances. So you will do well to listen to them and seek their advice. Get to know them, communicate with them.  This will forge a good working relationship and help you to get the most out of them.  In the end, your success is as good for your sponsor as it is for you.  Understand how they work, and try to avail yourself of them around this. It is like any other relationship, you will reap what you sow.

Remember your voice

You will have joined a company as a distributor i,e you are self employed.  Most good companies will have a system that can be duplicated , it would have been tried and tested.  Learn it, work with it, it’s important that you master it, as one day when you start sponsoring  into the company, you will need to be able to teach it to the people that  you sponsor.  The system works right.  Now having said that, no one system is 100% fallible,  I mean even contraception is only 99.99% guaranteed. It’s unlikely but not impossible that you can find yourself in the 0.01% that the system does not work for? What does that mean? It does not mean that you are not suited to Network Marketing, neither does  it mean that there is something wrong with the product or system It just means that you must be able to keep your voice and use it, you may have t tweak the system to suit you. That is the joy of it being your business, you use the means that are suitable to you. Remember not every system will be suited to your personality. What is important is to find  a system that works for you.  There are many MIM opportunities out there,  and some companies have certain restrictions around what you can do or not do to promote and / or sell the product. Learn those things, do not be caught out falling foul of the policies.

You certainly need to be yourself, in this industry you are the biggest asset in your business. People are buying into you, therefore its important that your voice is heard over the din.  Hence you need to master the system, but ensure that your voice shines through. That will only happen with a system that suits you and your personality.

Step out in faith

Fear Comes in many Guises

You cannot swim across the pool, with one foot on the poolside.  Its the same then when you have taken on a business.  It needs to be treated like one. It  does not matter if your start up fee was £1000 or £1, it requires nurturing just like anything in its infancy.   What I mean is you have to give it the focus it deserves, remove distractions, and commit to it. if you are only half committed your results will be sporadic to say the least.  Most network marketing opportunities can be worked around your full time job presuming that you have one, so do not cause yourself a distraction by giving it up, before you have started making enough income to live off, this will cause you to be worried and not be able to be open to the opportunities that come your way from being an entrepreneur, or worse you will be desperate for money, or take up the wrong opportunity and it will show and you will struggle to get  results.   Carve your self out time that you will dedicate to your business and use this time solely for that purpose.   Have a positive mind set because if you cant think about it confidently in your mind, it will not work in real life.

Participate in personal growth 

Michael John Bobak

I can’t stress the importance of this too much. In fact I am almost inclined to write it in capital letters to shout it from the proverbial roof top!   There are skills to running a business, skills that you will need to learn, you don’t have to run off to business school, but you need to go to the training sessions, workshops, webinars etc ran by the company whose products  you are working with.   At the very least, you need to read the books relating to the industry, your up- line will suggest books that you need to read, it may or may not  be part of the overall training package.  Its personal and really up to you.  Now that is not all, do not leave it to chance, you don’t have to stop just with what the company is providing, you can join a mastermind group, attend seminars, join  a support group.  Go out and network with like minded people.

Remember that to get things you have never had, you need to do things you may never have done, this may involve going out of your comfort zone.   It will require change, you may need to give up stuff


Now I am going to ask you a personal question?  Why are you doing this? Do you have a goal?  I am sure that I do not have to tell  you that happy and successful people plan and use their time to intentionally focus on their priorities. These priorities are determined by their purpose and and the life they are creating. So i would say to you that if you have not identified your goals please stop what you are doing and do it right now. You need to understand, that without purpose how do you expect to get success?  The reason you are doing this will be personal to you and is where your motivation is going to come from.  If you want  to just put in an average performance then you may as well have stayed in the corporate world working on other people’s dreams. You decide,   what do you want, when do you want it by, what do you need in order to achieve it.

Be open


This really follows on from personal growth. Its important that you prepare to rethink what you know, and to apply it. Your attitude is very important as it has a big impact on whether or not you succeed and how much you enjoy your success. Even barely average people can do good things it their attitude is right and aligned to the positive.

You can get off to a flying start, but quite frankly you may not, what is important to remember is that its your journey, you need to learn from any mistakes you make, and remember that its not a race.

Be strategic

As you start to get traction in your business you will need to stay aligned with your purpose and goals.  You will be afforded different opportunities  and a you are building it can be tempting to say yes to everything, beware and think of why you are doing what you are doing, ask yourself how these opportunities align with your purpose. Do not allow yourself to suffer information overload, you know how easily done that is in the day of the internet and social media.  Get what you need, commit to it, learn it and then get more for the next stage.  In the end, overwhelm can stall your progress in the business.

For example if you are a make up consultant there is no point taking up an opportunity to go and market or recruit from a bunch of practising monks right?

Remember that it’s your business

This is where the saying ‘mind your own business’ really comes into its own.  It is a business, its your own business. The success or failure of the business rests with you.   You do not have a boss! Your up-line is not your boss, his relationship with the company is the same as yours, your bonus package can over take theirs, but I digress the point I’m making and that is  the success of your business is defined by you. How do you see yourself?  What is the business to you?   Is it the products you are selling, your team, your online followers / team?  How you answer that question really will determine how you behave and to a large extent the type and amount of success you have.

Love your products

This my friend is a no brainer!

I do know of someone who is not bothered by the products, what spurs them on is the reason for being in the business, which is to be home with their family. And yet i know of others who loved their products so much they only had to sell the products for 10 yrs, all approaches for recruitment were mad to her, she did not have to prospect!!!

Can you see a wrong or right here?  Eric Worre says to be passionate about your products, notwithstanding in the end people will only believe what you postulate.

Enjoy yourself. 

When all is said and done, this is your business, it should be helping you to build the life you want, so the least you can do is to enjoy it.  Its really important, because there is no point leaving the boring old humdrum of the corporate 9-5 to go into Network Marketing if  you are not going to enjoy

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