March into Wellness this Spring: Day 1 Get more Sleep

Hi everyone, so as spring is upon us, well not that storm emma beast from the east would have us believe. I thought i would share a tip a day for wellness through out March.  Its amazing the little things we can do stay well. The first tip is about getting more sleep.

What is it about sleep? Let’s See

Did you know that most men and women need 7-8 hours of sleep but women sleep  more and lighter that men? ( surprised face)  Also that more women have an undiagnosed sleep disorder.   Sleep really seems to be treated like as disposable commodity especially amongst women.

Why is sleep so important

It helps with the following

  • Mental function- alertness, concentration
  •  Memory consolidation
  •  Mood regulation
  •  Physical health

Too few hours sleep impacts on

Diabetes- Sleep loss changes he way the body handles glucose which could lead to a state of insulin resistance and it also alters appetite regulation  which in turn cam lead to obesity.

The amount of sleep you needs does have age dependencies we know that younger people tend to need a bit more than older people.  I have heard of some studies where the amount of sleep you need really does depend on what you have been unto, considering the amount of reparative work it does.

So what can I do then? My Top 5 Best Sleep practices include

1 Have a routine..wake up and go to bed at the same hours each day

2. Power down your devices 1 hours before bed ttmes

3. Make the room cool

4. Have a relaxing night time routine

5. Exercise daily

You my like to understand this, your sleep is a vital indicator of your overall health and well being. We have all known for  a very long time that stimulants interfere with our natural sleep/ wake cycle. Just so we are clear by stimulants I mean coffee, alcohol, late night exercise, blue light from your device including the television..

The best thing you can do is to  is to

Make sleep a priority i.e put it on your  to do list.

So whatever you are doing this march, I wish well and that you are kind to yourself.

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Have a fab day, much love


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