Spring Forward to Wellness, Day 4: Exercise Daily


Ok, this is another one, some might say its a no brainer others might say it’s a bit  controversial (not) and yes  a lot of people are not actually motivated to exercise.   As with my previous post on drinking more water, i don’t want to sound preachy or as some would say teach your grandma to suck eggs.  but this is an obvious tip, that could not be left out.

So what are benefits of exercise

  1. The hormones released do actually make you happy..( have you ever seen me after my Zumba class?)
  2. It makes you more agile by strengthening your muscles and making them more flexible.
  3. Exercise  gives you energy which in turn makes you more active( separate blog post here)
  4. You can become more confident
  5. If you are doing it outside of you home you will get to meet people.
  6. Helps in losing and / or maintaining  weight

There has to be a bit of self aware ness in this too. By this I mean know and understand what you like.

I maintain that if you find something you  enjoy, then you are likely to stick with it, because lets face it why turn something into a chore if it does not have to be.

There are all sorts of things that you can do so its not boring

According to our NHS  it is recommended for adults (19-64 yrs old) have at least 150 minutes moderate activity a week.  They have laid it down in  such away that there is something for everyone.

So here is the deal:

They said that Moderate Exercise  will raise your heart beat and make you breathe faster and feel warmer.  For example  Brisk walking, riding a bike, double tennis, pushing a lawn mower, Basket ball and Vigorous Exercise  makes you breathe hard and fast  and you won’t be able to say more than a few words before pausing for breath.  For e.g.   Jogging or running, fast swimming, aerobics/zumba Martial arts, gymnastics.

They also say that you should have two lots of strength exercise , those that strengthen and make your muscles more flexible  ( legs, arms, abs, quads etc)  examples are circuit training, yoga, heavy gardening – such as shovelling or digging.

In my humble opinion what this is telling us is that it does not  have to be too onerous or break the bank.

So for me the key thing is in  staying motivated to do this.

The key to staying motivated will be in the reason you are doing it. I believe  if it’s to  purely to lose weight for an event for example you will not be motivated to keep it up once you have gotten into the outfit and the event has passed.  Obligation is not a good motivator either. So I would suggest that you take your quiet time and really consider what you want to achieve and why. When the going gets tough this is what you will need to draw upon to keep going. .

When that is sorted here are my top tips for staying motivated

  1. Choose something that you enjoy, that is fun for you – you may have tory different things  before you settle.
  2. Remember your why
  3. Do not pin your success on going somewhere with someone.. recognise that its up to you.
  4. Make it a habit
  5. Mix it up
  6. Set a goal and get an app to track it.
  7. Have an open mind.
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