SW potatoes

SW potatoes

This has to be my most favourite way of cooking potatoes! Don’t lets get it twisted, if I was on Brighton pier, it would have to be fish and chips, but cooking them in my house this has to be it! You can make them into chips, cubes or slices like I have here! It’s always a favourite part of my stay at home mid morning brunch!  So this is  how I made this lot!  For 2 of us I used:

3 good sized jacket potatoes ( Maris piper would do just as well)

salt or any other seasoning that you like, I prefer knorr’ small purpose seasoning!

So put a large pan of water on to boil. Turn on your oven to a really hot temperature 230°c at least  In the mean time peel and slice your potatoes. ( works just as well without peeling)! When the water has boiled, add the potatoes and leave them cooking until they are just cooked but not soft! Drain and in the colander shake them about a bit, season with your preferred seasoning, I like all purpose seasoning, and give them a good spray with fry light! Bake in the oven on a tray, a perforated one is best or the mesh wire type!  They are done when they are browned and crispy! Voilá

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