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desire. A very easy curry to make, So for 700g of chicken, ( I like to use the thigh, its juicier and has more flavour, but it would work just…

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Cooking  Time: 90 mins approx Ingredients – The Mixed Meat 1 Boiler Chicken- skinned and cut into small pieces 500g of Mutton ( all fat trimmed off) – cubed 3 Lamb’s Hearts…

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Hands up if you like KFC or any other chicken purporting to be southern fried chicken? Well we all know that these are a no go, if you are following…

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Chicken Make Overs!

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  well, to me this is a slight make over, hands up if you choose Chicken Dhansak when you go out for an Indian Meal? In Slimming World land, this…

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Chicken Make Overs!

Chicken Make Overs!