The Process


Like#blackbetl  any process we really do need to start at the beginning because it  has a middle and and end sort of. Now lets make this clear I am not talking about the whole biological process because by now we should know that we are born, we live and then we die.   What I am talking about are the things we do or are looking to achieve and do well in. They all have processes.

When I look at this picture, it is the ritual of gaining a black belt after promotion. you get called to to the front and the old belt is chucked off to one side, and the black belt is tied around your waist. It is a one time ritual. In the past when you have received your coloured belts, you are given them and and you run to the back and put it on, yes sometimes discarding the old one along the way.  This is quite different, prior to this i had watched many others partake of this ritual and I would be wanting..   The point I am making is that we all start at the same place, in this journey , so my instructor is a 6th degree black belt ( 6th Dan) but like me he started as a white belt, he has trained over many many years , ( not to labour a point) to become a 6th Dan

I remember when I used to go to Slimming world,  there was a competition each year for woman or man of the year.  When it was announced, Cathy would say  we all start at the same place and are given the same tools,  and the tools here, were the books that old you how the diet works, the tips, the group etc its the same sort of thing.

The same with film stars, occasionally  there are those who are discovered j for their natural talent but in the main  they have gone through the process, learning, practicing plying their trade in all sorts of places  until  they get in the at film that gives them their break to the extent they may win an oscar.

Its the same with network marketing.  you are all  given the same tools, ok fair enough there are different companies that  may have different support networks or comp plans but in the main the pricinicple are the same. yo have a product and you show it to other people and if you want to build a business you show the opportunity to others.

So the point I am making is to achieve anything you must follow the process, you  must learn, practice, master and sometimes teach others in order to progress and learn.  It can’t really be circumvented, we may have all sorts of technology but in the end the one thing does not change is the need to learn in order to achieve something. The only thing that may differ is how you go about the learning, vocational or academic, but he bottom line is the same you are going to learn and and gain experience.

You can have mentors and sponsors to help you. in TKD  these people are readily available, you will see them in the training hall, with their coloured and black belts on, they have all been where you are and can assist you make your own journey.

Mentoring may not be so obvious in other areas, but they are definitely worth having as they are a resource willing you to achieve your goal.

What extra curricular activities do you participate in?  Do you dabble, do you want to achieve something from them, what will you do to achieve it?


what ever you do, do be kind to yourself and do let me know in the comments.


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