WAI! So, did the pan au chocolàt get the better of me?

So, here’s the issue, I’d had a couple of days off work and it was so fabulous,and despite having put in a 1&1/2lbs at SW last night, I woke this morning full of enthusiasm and good vibes! I’d had the talk with myself, I was going off the bread again, that was a stand off  I lost! I was not going to eat a sandwich with cheese, ham spring onions and Mayo or the bacon sandwich for breakfast, I was going to drop into M & S and get some blueberries and pomegranate to have with my porridge! I’d packed my lunch and my snacks! Yes- does that not sound like the perfect SW day? Well the truth, that was my plan, but this is what happened: I was very proud of myself for waking up early, and getting on the 6:59 that would get me into the office for 8:15am to prepare fur my two meetings, to be ready for whatever is thrown at me, so at  7:50 I had arrived at London

Blackfriars, I was busy walking along the platform to the underground along to my general playlist when just as I was about to step down the stairs I get a tap on my shoulder! I turned to see this pretty young girl ” I have to tell you this” she says? I look at her slightly bewildered wondering what she was going to say- imagine my shock horror when she says “your skirt is torn, we can see all your tights and everything, you might want to go to the ladies and fix it!” Hmm therein  lay the foundation of the disintegration of my day, which in all honesty hadn’t really gotten off the ground! 
There I was in the ladies checking out my skirt, which was indeed torn all the way down from the bottom of the zip down to the bottom including the slit! Dismay of the highest order is the best way to describe how I was feeling!  So after that it was tick tock, it was all a blur as I pulled the skirt round to the front in an attempt to limit the view of the  damage and made a mad dash to Victoria where my office is, there are shops there! So that’s how at 8:15 instead if being at my desk I found myself in Dorothy Perkins! Imagine that! Of course it’s obvious there were no navy skirts to replace the one I was wearing! In fact in the end I had to compromise I bought a grey check skirt because there was actually nothing there that matched my blouse, and in fact it got worse, I mean when did my shoulders get so wide??? No kidding, anyway time was going and I was really not in the mood for chopping and changing, after all  I had emails to check, reports to read and bloody meetings to prepare for.  So settling on the grey check as the replacement then meant I had to ditch the original navy blouse I was wearing I kept my cardigan on!  By now it was 8:40 I was soooo hungry I could have eaten a cow! Of course the porridge was out if the window seeing as I had a 9:00am meeting! So by now I  didnot really know what I was going to do I stood in the queue at upper crust but that was going nowhere  fast so I abandoned that idea and headed to my office! By now I was ready to kill really, in the end my friend gave me a pan au chocolát! And just like that i had consumed God knows how many syns, syns that I did not plan for, did mention those type of syns in my plan??  

So now I have an issue? why did I just  take the pastry? Why did I not resort to my hifi light bar, or my 2 little bananas? In the space of my so called stress I had managed to convince myself that i did not want those, that they were not viable alternative to my waylaid porridge plans? And yes really it was in the blink of an eye! It was simply indiscipline of the highest order. Don’t get me wrong, my stress and dismay was real, but the point I am making is that why did that have to translate into the pan au chocolate? I don’t get it. I have worked really hard to improve these habits and in the end, I reverted to type!  My saving grace came in the end in the form a text message from my consultant Cathy..she really is the best.  she was texting to encourage me after my gain yesterday.  So I sent her a text message back, we had a good little exchange and voilá I was back, to the land of the disciplined.  Still it took until coming home and going to tae kwan do to sort my mood out. 

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